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Coaching Points

Drew is anything but your typical Realtor and has discovered an approach to give clients the Real Estate Agent you deserve!  As a Real Estate Coach for you he will educate and prepare you to be strategically positioned.We call this 'Winning the Real Estate Game' !

Coaching Point 1: Good coaches always prepare you, teach the fundamentals, understand your strengths, and protect your interests.

Coaching Point 2: Never make an offer on the property until you know the true market value.  You should never consider an offer until you know what similar properties have sold for.  Our clients get a free realtor appraissal so you can be confident you are getting a great buy or know you are selling your house for what it is worth. 

Coaching Point 3: Sellers should always receive the real estate agent appraisal and estimate of Net Proceeds on paper. This is critical in making smart financial decisons.

Coaching Point 4: Buyers should begin the home buying process with a Realtor they both trust and communicate well with. If you are looking for a Real Estate agent contact us let us know. Do not be afraid to contact us for a simple question.

Coaching Point 5:  Know how Real Estate Agents are Compensated.  Buyers do NOT pay commission or fees. Commission is received from the Net Proceeds of the sale and is a seller expense.  Sellers, make certain to ask us about commission owed.  We can see if you qualify to have the bank pay the commission. 

Testimonial: "You are by far the most dedicated realtor I've worked with. It's especially appreciated due to the fact that I've got my hands tied over here in Iraq. Thank you for the continued effort and dedication: I have faith that the property will avoid foreclosure due to your commitment." Clients: Jeremy & Christine Dieringer