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Andrew Kuhlmann

Realtor, Broker Associate

About Andrew Kuhlmann

Consider myself your REAL ESTATE COACH. As a Real Estate Coach my duty is to guide, protect, prepare, and give you and advantage. I do not WIN unless my team WINS and I do not like to lose. This is called 'Winning the Real Estate Game' ! If your ready to get started call me at 803-807-1827

Latest Blog Posts

Memorial Day (Remember the True Meaning)

While you enjoy this day with friends and family please remember the purpose of this day.  I never served in the armed forces.  I do not have first hand experience of someone who has died

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Community Resources (Updated May 24, 2019

Columbia SC: Community Resources & Linksupdated:  May 24, 2019 by Andrew KuhlmannConsider this the modern day White Pages.  If you find a link which no longer works please notify

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How Much will you Save? (30 Year vs 15 Year Fixed Mortgage)

What is the monetary difference between a 15 and 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage?  Are the savings worth the additional monthly payments?  How much more are you truly paying per month?If you

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Real Estate Sound Off

Time to Raise Your HandsThis time each year I am asking that you send me a quick one line or even respond with a letter on your status regarding real estate.Click below picture for video.https://www

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